Our retail market solutions have been successfully used for FMCG, Electronics, Apparel, 7 to11 shops, Jewellery, Hotel industries. We

  • Helps in checking reorder levels regularly thus helps in accurate inventory.
  • Helps industries to automate all units like accounting, inventory control, service, sales force automation, CRM, point of sale, vendors and purchasing.
  • Integrates with any of their current ERP systems
  • Provides reporting features and BI solutions. This help customers drive sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs, all with more ease and flexibility
  • Provide best retail business solutions for small and medium sized retail businesses to help them serve their customers better and more profitably
  • Provide windows based as well as web based solutions
  • Provides Analysis for Fast moving Items
  • Provides Customised Software as per client needs.